Program of Master Degree in Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing


  1. Prepares nurse specialists and nurse educators who meet the requirements of nursing practice.
  2. Improve nursing care practice by implementing the advanced of nursing knowledge.
  3. Provide opportunities for students to develop skills in evidence-based, holistic practice.
  4. Integrate theoretical and scientific concepts that influence leadership in advanced practice roles consistent with education, practice and research.
  5. Provide high quality health care services to the community through a range of nursing activities with diverse populations in a variety of settings.
  6. Enhance the quality of health care across a variety of clinical settings.
  7. Apply the tools and methodologies to obtain current and advanced knowledge in nursing profession.

Master of Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing Study Plan:

  • The master degree requires successful completion of (40) credit hours.
  • The master degree requires two years of study (4 semesters), and each semester is 15 weeks duration.

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