The Medical Laboratory Sciences Program was launched in 2010 with 127 graduates to date. Nationally, there is a high demand on Medical Laboratory Technologists who are equipped with the necessary knowledge to perform a wide range of sample analysis, disease discovery, and confirmatory diagnosis. Medical sciences are developing rapidly and require manpower that is highly skilled and proficient enough to fulfill their roles.

Program Objectives and Outcomes

Specialization in medical laboratory field assists students to achieve the following:

  • Medical laboratory graduates are equipped with the knowledge that allows them to work in medical laboratory settings. Graduates will be skilled to complete all types of laboratory analysis required in different medical fields including: Microbiology, Blood Banks, Hematology, Clinical Chemistry, Immunology & Serology, as well as, Histopathology and Cytology.
  • Research is another promising opportunity for MLS graduates. This increases their scope and understanding of sub-specialty studies, which can then be utilized for either identification of target genes, drug discovery, or any other related medical development.
  • Academic services are another golden opportunity for those interested in voicing their skills by educating juniors in colleges and universities.

MLS Program Study Plan

  • It is 4 years academic program (8 semesters) to get the Bachelor degree in Laboratory Medical sciences, plus one year of clinical internship.
  • The Bachelor Degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences requires passing (126) credit hours, in addition to the mandatory year of clinical practice (internship).
  • The program’s teaching material is delivered in the English Language.
  • For equalization (transfer) of credit hours, the policies and regulation of college will be applied.

Admission Requirement for the Program

An applicant will register to the programs offered at FCMS when he/she meets the Admission and Registration requirements. An applicant must:

  • Be a high school graduate of the Scientific Section within the last 5 years.
  • Provide a high secondary school certificate with score of at least 80% or higher.
  • Provide an achievement test result with a score of 60% or higher.
  • Provide an abilities test result with a score of 65% or higher.
  • Not exceed 25 years old.
  • Payment of registration fee.
  • Should pass the college mini multiple interviews "MMI"


Students may transfer from one program to another program within FCMS and thus change their specialty. Transference within FCMS is performed per the following guidelines:

  • The applicant completes a transfer request form and submits it to the Academic Affairs Unit (AAU)
  • The AAU processes the request and sends it with the student’s transcript to the Program Director
  • The Program Director reviews and submits a report to the VDAA for review and recommendations
  • The VDAA reviews the report and related documents to ensure their agreement with FCMS policies and regulations and then forwards them to the FCMS Academic Affairs Committee for a decision
  • The decision of the Academic Affairs Committee is ratified by the College Council and the Dean of FCMS
  • The AAU notifies the student of the decision.