The Nursing Department was established in 2003 and has graduated 617 students with a bachelor degree in the program. In 2015, a master program was launched, and the college is looking forward to adding more programs under the post graduate umbrella in the near future.

The Bachelor Degree in Nursing depends on the study of both scientific and humanity aspects that will provide the foundation for continuous development in one’s education and career. In addition to that, the nursing program reflects the recent changes in the roles of our healthcare providers in order to prepare students to meet our country’s high demand.

The program was designed to allow students, during the four years of their studies, to build their professional competencies and give them the opportunity to enjoy academic excellence, self-direction, and the ability to realize the practical aspects of the career life. During the first year of the program, general courses are introduced as prerequisites to prepare students for specialty curricula. In year two, they learn the foundations and principles of the profession, as well as, allied healthcare material that is directly related to their academic and career path. Going through their third year, the students’ courses will be more focused on nursing subjects in various medical fields, in addition to courses that help students fulfill their duties in healthcare education. During the fourth year, courses are focused on creating and eventually graduating well skilled and trained nurses. To ensure clinical excellence, students must then pass the compulsory training year (internship program) after that.

Bachelor of Nursing Program General Goals

The goals of Bachelor of Nursing Program are to

  • Equip nursing graduates with knowledge, skills, clinical competencies and attitude required to deliver safe and quality nursing care to patients, families and community.
  • Prepare nursing graduates to function professionally within interdisciplinary teams in variety of settings, and meet the health care needs in Saudi Arabia.
  • Provide the students with learning environment that is safe and high quality to emphasize on lifelong learning, critical thinking, informatics, patient-centered care and leadership.
  • Foster students’ participation in community services and research concurrent with ethical standards.

Nursing Graduate Attributes

Nursing program at Fakeeh College for Medical Sciences enables graduates to be

  • Practice in consistent with Islamic values and beliefs, and reflect high levels of loyalty, responsibility, and commitment to service to society.
  • Knowledgeable and skilled in nursing discipline.
  • Effective communicators and active team members.
  • Innovative and creative with critical judgment.
  • Competent in culturally diverse and international environments.
  • Able to apply ethical perspectives in informed decision making
  • Respectful for the dignity of each individual and for human diversity
  • Efficient leaders in clinical settings and community environment

The Bachelor Plan in Nursing

  • The program consists of 4 academic years (8 semesters to obtain the Bachelor Degree in Nursing) and an additional year of clinical internship.
  • The Bachelor Certificate in Nursing requires passing (134) credit hours during these 4 academic years, in addition to the internship program.
  • The program’s teaching material is delivered in the English Language.
  • For equalization (transfer) of credit hours, the policies and regulation of college will be applied.
Distribution the credit hours according to the study requirements
Required Courses Accredited Hours
Behavioral Social Sciences & Humanities Studies (BSSC) 35 Credits.
Health Related Sciences (HRSC ) 28 Credits.
Nursing (NURS) 71 Credits.
Grand Total 134 Credits.
Internship Year for Bachelor of Nursing Program

The compulsory internship year for receiving the Bachelor Degree of the Nursing Program starts after the successful completion of the four academic years with a GPA not less than 2.0 out of 5.0. The student must spend the 12 months of hospital based internship, either in Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital or in any of the other training institutions recommended by Fakeeh College for Medical Sciences, which offers the suitable training modules to meet the learning outcomes of the internship program

Fields of Training Internship Rotation No. of Weeks
Intern Student Preparation Program FCMS Orientation Program 2
DSFH Nursing Division Orientation Program
Patient Care Critical Care Unit (ICUs-CCU-ER) 12
Maternity Healthcare Unit 8
Child Healthcare Unit 8
Medical & Surgical Unit 8
Leadership & Management 4
Focused Clinical Experience (Elective) BMT-BHU-HHC-OPD 4