Fakeeh College for Medical Sciences (FCMS) celebrated the Kidney Health Day in N2 Mall in Jeddah in March 10 2014. Group of nursing department students under supervision of nursing staff: Mrs. Eman Iman Al-Farra; Mr. Alaa Abu Jaber and Mr. Mohammed Turki conducted educational awareness program to raise the visitor’s Mall awareness about Kidney Health and the importance of kidney. Also they focus on the functions of the kidney in the human body and the risk factors for kidney diseases to know how to avoid it. They used pictures and videos to facilitate educational awareness session for the visitors and they distributed the educational leaflets for the delivery of educational information for the Mall visitors. They applied some investigations for the visitors, such as measuring blood sugar, blood pressure, body weight and length to identify the Body Mass Index (BMI) and raising their awareness about the importance of regular monitor theses investigation. They distributed some of the gifts to visitors at the end of the educational activity.