The Library provides access of information resource that will support the needs of the College teaching staff, students, and Dr Soliman Fakeeh Hospital’s (DSFH) staff.

Major Functions

  • Manages the planning and administrative functions of Library services.
  • Provides effective access to Library collections and resources.
  • Maintains the organization of Library materials.
  • Provides Library services in response to the needs of Library users.
  • Assists teaching staff and students through various mechanisms by providing access to the needed information.
  • Trains Library users to effectively search for the Library resources including digital Library.
  • Provides a Library borrowing services for both book and audiovisual materials.
  • Processes recommended books list received from Head of Departments.
  • Arranges space for small group discussion for teaching staff and students.
  • Communicates with other Libraries to provide access to resources outside the college.
  • Provides an environment that encourages the students to read books and e-learning resources, which improve their lifelong learning.
  • Contributes to the achievements of the mission and goals of the college.