The purpose of Human resource unit (HRU) is to ensure the recruitment and employment of qualified academic, administrative, technical and other staff according to the regulations of the college.

Major Functions

  • Provides advices and assistances in developing human resource plans.
  • Prepares notices and advertisements for vacant positions. Schedules and organizes interviews. Conducts reference checks on possible candidates.
  • Maintains employee files and adds information to database and maintains employee files and records up to date.
  • Monitors daily attendance. Investigate and understand causes for staff absences. Provide advice and recommendations on disciplinary actions.
  • Monitor scheduled absences such as holidays or travel and coordinates actions to ensure the staff absence has been adequately covered off to ensure continuity of services.
  • Tracks employee performance appraisal due dates and notifies supervisors and verifies whether a merit increase is due and any merit increase request, processes payroll adjustments for late reporting.
  • Gathers and analyzes information on salary, benefits, and human resource practices for labor relations purposes.
  • Represents FCMS in human resources-related committees to ensure that FCMS concerns and issues are raised and addressed.
  • Investigates claims of discrimination and harassment within the college, prepares reports of findings, and makes recommendations for action, and arbitrates employee complaints and formal grievances.
  • Conducts special orientation for staff on the employment process and related regulations.
  • Responds to human resources-related inquiries by external bodies and accreditation agencies.