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The Master in Medical Education (MMEd) provides educational specialization and leadership opportunity to health professionals in the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and allied health. It prepares its graduates to deliver quality service in educational leadership roles and to improve their educational understanding, methods, and designs in progressive, contemporary programs.

Master in Medical Education (MMEd) program is:

  • Two years, four academic semesters, the first three semesters covering eight blocks and the fourth semester reserved for the thesis.
  • Total Credit Hours: 40 Credit hours, guided by the regulation of the Ministry of Higher Education for postgraduate training.

The mission of Master in Medical Education (MMEd) program at FCMS is: to produce qualified Health Professional Educators (HPE) who can guide the future of Medical Education as leaders in health professions education, contributing in community, research and innovation.

The goals of Master of Medical Education (MMEd) are to:

  • Goal-1: Prepare knowledgeable, competent and confident graduated Medical/health professional educators who lead curriculum reform in regard of demand of the health professional education.
  • Goal-2: Enhance the effectiveness of medical /health profession education in Saudi Arabia & beyond.
  • Goal-3: Foster students’ participation in health profession education relevant research.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

The following Program Learning Outcomes should be achieved throughout the program:

  • Recognize contemporary theories, sound knowledge and fundamental concepts related to Medical/Health professional education and training based on recent Adult Learning Principles.
  • Describe the varied requirements, concerns and environments of students for enhancement of their learning capability.
  • State the requirements of valid and reliable students ‘assessment and program evaluation in different health professions’ educational settings.
  • Define major ethical principles and statistical methods in health professional education.
  • Evaluate learning environments and new trends in Medical /Health Professional Education e.g. Problem-Based Learning, Team Based Learning, Community-Based Education and Simulation-Based Learning.
  • Conduct educational research and program evaluation using scientific approach and theoretical principles.
  • Apply core theoretical principles of management, leadership, professionalism, mentoring, and curriculum development.
  • Design interactive teaching strategies and assessment tools considering their relevant learning outcomes.
  • Illustrate proper application of information technology skills and statistical techniques within the educational perspective.
  • Demonstrate effective professionalism and adopting ethical principles and self-directed learning for developing health profession education
  • Demonstrate effective communication with students, colleagues and other health care team at educational and clinical institution, and with local and international organization.
  • Use effectively skills of leadership, teamwork and time management towards educational excellence

Study Plan Structure

Program Structure No. of Courses Credit Hours Percentage
6 31 77.5%
2 4 10%
Graduation Project (if any) - -  
Thesis 1 5 12.5%
Field Experience (if any)      
Total 9 40 100%

Program Courses

Level Course Code Course Title Required or Elective * Pre-Requisite Courses Credit Hours
MMEd (111) Principles of Curriculum Design Required None 6
MMEd (112) Teaching and learning Required MMED (111) 6
MMEd (211) Educational Research Required None 4
MMEd (212) Student Assessment Required MMED(111), MMED (112) 6
MMEd (213)
MMEd (214)
Elective: I
1- Simulation for Health Care
Education and Practice
2- Coaching and Mentoring
Elective MMED(111), MMED (112) 2
MMEd (311) Management and Leadership Required None 5
MMEd (312) Program Evaluation Required MMED(211), MMED (311) 4
MMEd (313)
MMEd (314)
Elective: II
1. Problem Based Learning
and Clinical Reasoning
2. Professionalism and
Professional Identity
Elective MMED(111), MMED (112) 2
MMEd (411) Master thesis Required Educational Research 5
Total : 40 Credit Hrs.

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