The Unit ensures excellent training environment is provided for college students.

Major Functions

  • Ensures clinical placements are done following a facility audit and assessment.
  • Develops and implements clinical training and field practice rules and regulation.
  • Prepares students clinical training schedule in all academic departments and distribution of these students in the different training sites.
  • Follows and prepares the required students documents for clinical practice and field training.
  • Develops, implements, and evaluates orientation, training and educational programs for college students in training.
  • Designs clinical assessment and evaluation formats.
  • Ensures formal evaluation is completed for each student, prior to completion of their clinical rotation.
  • Conducts regular meeting with students and field teaching staff.
  • Follows the evaluation process for students during clinical training and field practice.
  • Motivates interns to participate in the implementation of continuing education program for the advancement of knowledge, professional growth and self-development.