This unit provides leadership for graduate education by overseeing and coordinating all graduate programs and graduate certificates, working in partnership with the colleges and all relevant offices within Academic Affairs to achieve the college mission in graduate education.

Major Functions

  • Appoints and oversees postgraduate studies student selection admission process.
  • Ensures all academic aspects of postgraduate studies are running smoothly, and generates report to the Director of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research
  • Maintains the academic standards as stated in the college’s vision and mission.
  • Reviews and implements academic contents of the postgraduate program, and arranges for new programs and courses (as guided by the college’s Guidelines on Approval of Programs as per FCMS policy.
  • Monitors the academic students’ progress within the program.
  • Approves thesis proposal for master students.
  • Approves supervisors for postgraduate thesis and assign examiners for Viva Voce.
  • Prepares Annual Unit Report to the directorship of postgraduate studies and Scientific Research.