The Scientific Research Unit (SRU) at FCMS is established to enhance research within the College, and facilitates research activities of academic staff, graduates and undergraduate students.

Major Functions

  • Prepares the college’s scientific research plan based upon research goals and community needs.
  • Approves research proposals for faculty staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students as per recommendation of the Scientific Research Review Committee (SRRC).
  • Facilitates collaborative research and enhance research networking capacity and infrastructure within FCMS and affiliated facilities.
  • Supports and strengthen graduate and undergraduate education by providing students with training opportunities and access to research facilities.
  • Approves research projects submitted from outside the college as recommended by SRRC
  • Manages the research budget to fulfill the needs of the approved research projects.
  • Monitors the implementation of the college’s research plan
  • Provides an annual report about the college’s research activities.
  • Disseminates research results through conferences, meetings, and other activities