Dean Message

I have the honor to welcome you in the official site of the college of “Fakeeh College for Medical Sciences” which falls within the system of the private higher education under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education in our beloved country.

Fakeeh College for Medical Sciences endeavors, by virtue of, its mission to prepare qualified compassionate graduates in the medical and health care services, according to, national educational standards to enable them to contribute to scientific research and community services. Fakeeh College for Medical Sciences is also distinguished with that the teaching staff therein is of high competence on top of them comes the utmost devotion for the sake of helping the students to the educational attainment as well as to encourage them to participate in the activities and encourage them to scientific research and Innovation for promotion of a university education level that reflects positively on their professional and practical performance in the future.

By joining this outstanding educational edifice, you will take upon your shoulders a great honesty and sublime responsibility in the fields of the medical and health professions and I am fully confident that you will be masters to that, God Willing Glorified and Exalted Be He. What we need from you is to extend diligence, hard work and adhering closely to the academic attainment and discipline and commencement of practicing as a profession for which you are studying.

I hope that you will spend in the College hallways, a university education stage loaded and filled with learning, vitality and achievement and I supplicate Allah the Almighty to grant you all success and all the best, for you to be effective and influencing bases in the development of services and healthcare in this beloved country… and wishing you, at the same time, more achievements and distinction.