Dr. Mona Abdelfatah Soliman

Faculty Staff Member
Name:Dr. Mona Abdelfatah Soliman
Academic Qualification:BSc – Science-PhysicsMSc – PhysicsPhD – Physics
Work Experiences:13-8-2017 until now – Assistant Professor – FCMS, Saudi Arabia2014-2017 – Lecturer – Ain Shams – Faculty of science – Egypt2006-2014 – Assistant Lecture – Ain Shams – Faculty of science  – Egypt1998-2006 – demonstrator – Ain Shams – Faculty of science  – Egypt
Publications:MSc thesis title
Study some optical fiber parameters by laser
The PhD title
Examination of phase object applying interferometry based techniquesLIST OF PUBLICATIONSChromatic and opto-mechanical dispersion of some characteristic parameters of optical fiber undergoing macrobending. F. El-Diasty, H.A. El-Hennawi, M.A. Soliman , Optics communications 267 (2), 394-401, 2006.Birefringence dispersion in uniaxial material irradiated by gamma rays: cellulose triacetate films. F. El-Diasty, M.A. Soliman, A.F.T. Elgendy, A. Ashour, Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 9 (3), 247, 2007.Multiple-beam interference fringes applied to investigate the index profile of the optical fiber dip. H.A. El-Hennawi, F. El-Diasty, H. El-Ghandoor, M.A. Soliman, Optical and Quantum Electronics 43 (1-5), 35-48, 2012.Investigation of the Fiber Central Dip Refractive Index Profile Using Laser-Lens Fiber Interferometer. H. El-Ghandoor, H. El-Hennawi, F. El-Diasty, M.A. Soliman, Journal of Materials Science and Engineering B 1 (2) 148-156, 2011.Modal dispersion, pulse broadening and maximum transmission rate in GRIN optical fibers encompass a central dip in the core index profile. F. El-Diasty, H.A. El-Hennawi, H. El- Ghandoor, M.A. Soliman, Optics & Laser Technology 53, 51-57, 2013.Interferometric Estimation of Nonlinearity in GRIN Optical Fiber. F. El-Diasty, H.A. El- Hennawi, M.A. Soliman, International Journal of Optoelectronic Engineering 5 (1) 11-15 ,2015 .