Dr. Rabab Abdel Ra’oof Abed

Faculty Staff Member
Name:Dr. Rabab Abdel Ra’oof Abed
Academic Qualification:PhD, Master, Medical Education
Work Experiences:Instructor of medical educationLecturer of medical educationAssistant Professor of medical education
Publications:1. Coauthor, book “vignettes in patient safety volum 3, learning of patient safety in health profession education “online publication (free access) at Intechopen.com.2. “Relationship between the Quality of Clinical Learning Environment, Students’ Well-Being and Academic Achievement in Primary Health Care Centers: Path analysis” under publication3. Exploring achievement emotions of medical students during Problem-Based Learning tutorials under publication4. Using Item Response Theory(IRT) to assess psychometric properties of Undergraduate Clinical Education Environment Measure (UCEEM) Among Medical Students at the Faculty of Medicine, Suez Canal University