Faculty Staff Member
Name: Reham Mohamed Nagib Abd El- Ghani
Marital status:

Married to Dr Alaa Wageh Osman (Assistant professor of obstetric and gynecology) Have two children (13and 9 years old)

Date of birth:

July, 6th, 1980

Office address:

El Gomhoria Street, Mansoura University, Egypt

Mail address:

PO Box 35 Post Code 35516, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt


+20(50) 2377094 / +20(50) 2252250/ +20 1224507757/ 01013658880




• M.B.B.CH (Excellent with honour) Mansoura university , November 2003

• M.SC. Pathology(very good), Mansoura university , May 2009

• Ph. D. Pathology, Mansoura University, March 2014

• Diplomat of the Royal college of pathology ,London(passing the first part of the FRCPath )


• House officer internship, Mansoura University hospitals, March 1st 2004 to February 28th 2005

• Demonstrator, pathology Department, Mansoula University hospitals, Oncology center, June 2005 to September 2009

• Assistant lecturer, pathology Department , Mansoura University hospitals, Oncology center, October 2009 to March 2014

• Currently, Lecturer , pathology Department , Mansoura University hospitals, Oncology center, from April 2014


As an observer, in Mansoura University hospitals: Participated in departmental rounds

• As demonstrator in pathology Department, Mansoura University hospitals: During monthly based rotations in the department and at the pathology laboratories, Mansoura university medical centers (oncology center, gastroenterology center, and Mansoura University Children Hospital)

• practiced handling and dissection of great variety of interesting and challenging pathology cases on daily basis.
• Practiced preparation and interpretation of cytology specimen
• Gaining experience in the microscopic Interpretation for wide variety of cases
• Performing operating room consultation (frozen section) and interacting with surgeons
• Demonstration of gross specimens and microscopic finding to undergraduate students
• Case presentation as well as presentation of topics during weekly departmental and oncology center Seminars

As assistant lecturer

• Participating in the diagnosis of surgical specimen under supervision of senior staff
• Teaching undergraduate students and junior colleagues through weekly sections, departmental meetings and seminars

As lecturer

• Taking the responsibility of diagnosis of surgical specimens
• Teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students
• Participating through case presentation in departmental meetings and seminars
• Being a member of gynecology tumor board
• Being Tutor in Mansoura —Manchester program for undergraduate medical students
• Pathology department organizer for quality control programs for postgraduate students

Scientific research and publications

• Master essay entitled: Histopathological Study Of Cancer Cevrix
• PH.D. thesis entitled: Ovarian Tumors, Comparison Of Preoperative Biopsy To Postoperative Specimens :HistopathologicaI And Immunohistochemical Study
• Nagib RM, El-Hawary AK, El-Salk EM, Fattah MA, Megahed N, Foda AA, Farrag MS, Abu-Elmaaty SR, Gado AE, El-Shawaf EM. Pleomorphic hyalinising angiectatic tumour of soft parts: a case report. OA Case Reports 2013 Oct 21;2(11):107
• Naguib R .,Amin MM., Kandeel W., Bassiony NS. Tru cut biopsy of ovarian tumors: Is it applicable?. Benha Medical Journal 31(1):53-47(2014)
Naguib R, Hemida R, Wageh A, Elkhiary M, Shabana A, et al. (2014) Accuracy of Combined Tru cut and FNAC in Preoperative Sampling of Ovarian Tumors. I Clin Exp Pathol 4:168.
• Islam H.Metwallya ,Amr F.Elalfya ,ShadlAwny ,Islam A.E1zahabya, Reham M Abdelghani . Primary ovarian carcinoid: A report of two cases and a decade registry. Journal of the Egyptian National Cancer Institute; 28(4):267- 275
• Hegazy MA, Metwally IH, Elalfy AF, Attia E, Fareed AM, Hassan A, Abdelghani RM. Metastatic neuroendocrine tumor of soft tissue: a case report. Egypt I Surg 20l6;35:305-9
• Mohammad, M.A., Wageh, A., Nagib, R.M. et al. Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia in diabetic patients:A cross- sectional study in Egypt. Indian J Gynecol Oncolog (2017) 15: 21
• Abeer F. Mostafa,a Shereen M. Samir,a R.M. Nagib .Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid and its role in exhaustive- exercise-induced changes in female rat ovulatory cycle_Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, 2018, 96(4): 395-403

Scientific congresses:

• 32ndAin Shams international medical congress 19-22/3 /2009
• XXII congress of international academy of pathology Arab division 16- 18/12/2010
• Updates of gynecological pathology ,4th annual pathology workshop, Alexandria university 16/1/2013
• Breast problem solving in 2013 April 3-4, 2013, Faculty of medicine, Mansoura university
• 7th BGICC conference, 15-16th January 2015, Cairo, Egypt
• Histopathology:Trainee development day,17 t April 2015, Cairo, Egypt
• The Arab-British school of pathology: Urogenital pathology , May 13- 15,2015
• Breast and GIT pathology course ,30-31 July, Mansoura, Egypt
• 6th annual gynecology workshop , Alexandria, Egypt, 17 December

Scientific courses and activities:

Faculty Leader Development Courses, run by Mansoura University

• Research ethics
• Research methodology
• Use of technology in teaching
• Time management
• Conference organization
• Presentation skills
• Competing for research funds
• Credit hour system
• Strategic planning
• Medical statistics
• Leadership of a research team


• Mahmoud El- Baz, MD
Member of USCAP, fellow of ISUP, professor of pathology, chief genitourinary pathologist at Mansoura Nephrology and Urology center, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt
E-mail: elbazir 28@ yahoo.com
Tel: +2 01001013 133

• Khaled Zalata ,MD
Professor of pathology, head of pathology department, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt
Tel: +2 01005061413

• Mohamed Arafa, MD, PH.D.
Assistant professor of pathology, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt
Tel: +2 01000020411 / 01114330010