Healthy food and good nutrition habits

Fakeeh collage of Medical Sciences (FCMS) provided a community educational activity titled healthy food and good nutrition habits in 2016-2017, which aimed to increase awareness about the importance of good nutritional habits and its impact on health and well-being. The activity was conducted at two locations; the first location was at the North Houda School in Jeddah, and the other was at Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital. The activity involved eight nursing students participants supervised by an academic faculty member from Fakeeh Collage for Medical Sciences. They presented the educational activities to more than 200 students and 39 teachers and administrator from the school and at least 50 participates from the hospital (patients, patient relatives, nurses, physician, children, FCMS workers and others) about nutritional value for the maintenance of good health and prevention of nutrition-related disorders, to encourage them to eat healthy snacks and to change their eating habits and life styles