Associate Professor (Internal Medicine)

Reports to: Head of Department
Responsible for:
Liaises with: Other assistants, faculty members and administrators
Job Description Summary:
Purpose: Responsible for carrying out assigned curriculum /course activities, resourced conduct and handling all types of teaching work in accordance with the College rules and regulations.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Designs and be responsible for the content of specific areas of teaching and learning within the program.
  2. Co-operates with colleagues in the continuous review and development of the curriculum.
  3. Gives lectures, seminars, tutorials and other classes as appropriate in support of the required teaching obligations.
  4. Supervises students assignments and project work.
  5. Provides support for students on fieldwork or clinical training, as required.
  6. Ensures that student feedback on teaching is sought through questionnaires and other sources and to respond constructively to such feedback.
  7. Undertakes specific departmental roles and management functions as required by the authorities.
  8. Attends departmental meetings and to participate in other committees and working groups.
  9. Makes a full active research contribution, both individually and in collaboration with others, with the highest possible rating in the Research Excellence.
  10. Attends and present research findings and papers at academic and professional conferences, and to contribute to the name of the Department and College.
  11. Demonstrates contribution to the development of teaching and learning with the ability to develop new knowledge innovation and understanding in order to enhance teaching and learning quality.
  12. Supports and contributes to faculty and college projects to develop new ways of achieving improvement in the academic provision.
  13. Develops and motivates departmental and faculty team in order to secure a high level of performance.
  14. Supervises undergraduate and postgraduate projects and dissertation.
  15. Reviews and select textbooks and other instructional materials that facilitate learning.
  16. Completes teaching load as per academic regulations.
  17. Other duties as assigned within the scope of responsibility and requirements of the job.

Qualifications Required


  • Doctorate degree in the specialty (PhD) from recognized university /college.
  • Academic rank as associate professor as approved by MOE meeting the following criteria.
  • 4 points of research (excluding PhD dissertation).
  • 4 years teaching experience.
  • Community service.

Experience: 0-6 years of experience with research background and publications with associate professor rank
Language: Bilingual ( Arabic and English )
Required Licenses/Registrations: Ministry of Education

Other Skills & Abilities:

  • Ability to adapt in a challenging environment
  • Time management skills
  • Computer skills
  • Organization skills
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem solving skills

Quality Improvement is the responsibility of every FCMS staff member

  1. Responsible for the quality improvement related to the program and works in coordination with the Quality and Accreditation Unit of the college
  2. Responsible for the safety issues related to his / her job
  3. Responsible for the confidentiality of information that they have access to or came across during their work at FCMS
  4. Responsible for complying with the FCMS code of conduct and the students rights standards

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