The College Council

The college council consists of:

  1. The Dean
  2. Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
  3. Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs
  4. Vice Dean for Development and Quality Management
  5. Director of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research
  6. The Head of Basic Sciences and General Courses Department
  7. The Head of Physiological Sciences Department
  8. The Head of Nursing Department
  9. The Head of Medical Laboratory Sciences Department
  10. The Head of Pathological Sciences Department
  11. The Head of Surgery and Surgical Specialties Department
  12. The Head of Medicine and Medical Specialties Department
  13. The Head of Radiology, Anesthesia and Critical Care Department
  14. The Head of Medical Education Department
  15. Students representatives from each program; to be selected on annual basis to gain Access to the College Council in order to participate in decision-making